J Wu Kicks 2

Finally got a day to lock down and sketch away!  Here’s another Jason Wu inspired sneaker.  I really love this military style with some slight soft edge of the quilt detail.  I added gold lines to tie the look and a hint of blue/purple.


J Wu Kicks


A fresh pop of red and black slip on running kicks!

The reason I have been fascinated with shoes is that it combines both my love for fashion and design.  One of my all time favorite designer is Jason Wu.  I love his clean line and very sophisticated style.  I was very inspired from his Fall 2012 collection.  I took the form fitting elements from the red dress below.  Maybe she can go running in these slip on shoes?


Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog!  I have been urging to revamp my style and post new sketches.  I want to explore different aspect of design as well and try to post upcoming projects as well.  Enjoy the ride!