Fine Leather Goods


Treat yo self to these fine leather goods! Been watching too much of Parks and Recreation :D. This is the finalize rendering for the high top kicks inspired from Jason Wu Fall 2012 line.  I found a great tutorial that helped me clean up my sketches and adding textures.

Here are some color explorations on illustration.Image


High Top concepts

Been quite busy sorry for being MIA. Did this quick high top kick rendering on my tablet.  I’m still in the process of pushing the design to the next level.  So here’s my ideation sketches:

Lately, I’ve been watching some documentaries on the trend of sneakers on how it transition from athletic to becoming a fashion statement. This is why I’ve been taking elements from Jason Wu’s fall 2012 line.  I think his clean design would suit well for casual sneakers.  I’ll post the finalize concepts soon going to try to play with textures next!!

J Wu Kicks


A fresh pop of red and black slip on running kicks!

The reason I have been fascinated with shoes is that it combines both my love for fashion and design.  One of my all time favorite designer is Jason Wu.  I love his clean line and very sophisticated style.  I was very inspired from his Fall 2012 collection.  I took the form fitting elements from the red dress below.  Maybe she can go running in these slip on shoes?